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YELP Youth Application 2017

YELP Adult Application 2017

This 5-Week program is the basis for all other programs designed and delivered by Shift. YELP begins with three days of interactive processes, activities and conversations that focus on the day-to-day issues we all face in our development as individuals. These issues are not typically covered in the school curriculum and may or may not be addressed in the home.

Teenagers in their natural development find themselves in a place of questioning parents and adults; they are formulating their own identity, so their peers are a big influence in their life. YELP supports this dynamic and guides those learning experiences so that participants share their knowledge and skills with the group and develop the tools that best work for them.

See pictures from past YELPs on our Flickr Site.


Where We Offer YELP

Currently, this program is only offered in Livingston. Check the Calendar or call us at 222-7879 for upcoming dates.


Who Can Participate

  • 14 to 20 years old, do not need to be enrolled in school.*
  • All participants are at the workshop by their own choice. Choosing to do the program is the first step in empowerment.

*We prefer that 14 year olds be in at least 9th grade, or the home-schooled equivalent.  Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.


Program Meeting Times

  • Opening weekend, February 3 – 5, 2017
    • Friday 5:00pm -10:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 9:00pm, Sunday 9:00-5:00
    • FREE Meals are provided during the weekend
  • Five, weekly follow-up sessions, February 6th thru March 6th, 2017
    • 6:00 – 9:00, Mondays
    • Snacks and light dinner fare is offered during follow-ups

How to Enroll

Fill out an application and return it to our office, 105 1/2 S. 2nd St..  PHS students can also return completed applications to the school counselor’s office after January 20, 2015.

YELP Adult Application 2017

YELP Youth Application 2017

make a referral

Make a Referral

Know a young adult or a group of them that you’d like to introduce to YELP?  Call our office to learn more about upcoming enrollment presentations.  We are also happy to meet with individuals and groups.

The YELP Process

Our workshops are a combination of conversations, activities and processes done in large and small groups and Dyads (pairs).  A combination of audio, visual and kinesthetic learning methods (experiential education) engage participants in a comprehensive way that allow them to discover the options that best work for them.  Over the course of the five weeks we create an atmosphere of safety and trust that allow participants to fully engage and build strong connections with each other. We listen to and validate their opinions and emotions, allowing them to see their own value. Once they feel that they belong and the level of personal stress is reduced, individuals are then free to fully express themselves in a positive and healthy way. This creates an opening for support at both academic and personal levels.

Topics Covered:

  • Communication skills: verbal and non-verbal
  • Judgments and stereotypes
  • Self image and low self esteem
  • Drug and Alcohol issues
  • Conflict – causes, effects and how to deal with conflict
  • Understanding and accepting other points of view (empathy)
  • Limiting beliefs and attitudes
  • Personal responsibility
  • Choices- being able to see all the choices available
  • rust – self and others (acceptance)
  • Problem solving skills
  • Goal setting skills
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