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There are multiple ways that participation in Shift programs supports participants to have better success at school, both academically and socially. Aside from just serving their students, there are very targeted ways in which we are working in partnership with schools to address areas of particular concern.

Community Building

Schools throughout South Central Montana have benefited from Connect, a one-day program designed to build trust and understanding in the school community. The well-tested curriculum for this program is designed to use input from school administrators, counselors and teachers so we can tailor the program to the unique needs and goals of each school community.

Dropout Prevention for Park High School Students

The Stride program has a proven track record of success helping at-risk students overcome obstacles to make it to graduation. We combine socio-emotional programming with ongoing academic monitoring and support to help students and their families succeed.

Conflict Resolution

The principals and practices of Restorative Justice are woven into all of our programming. Restorative Justice Circles in particular offer an alternative conflict resolution process that can support all parties involved to emerge feeling whole and prepared to have their future needs met in a healthy way. We have had particular success conducting circles in the school setting where breakdowns have occurred between teachers and students.

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