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Parents & Families

Navigating the teen years presents unique challenges for parents and can put stresses on the whole family. Shift programs recognize this dynamic and address them in a myriad of ways.

Teens Participate

We receive regular feedback that the positive impacts our programs have on our participants help support healthier relationships between teens and their families. Programs like YELP and Stride help teens see their lives from different perspectives and better recognize the role they themselves play in their daily interactions. We also work on topics like responsibility and explore not only how to clean things up when there’s been a break down, but how to avoid the break downs in the future.

Families are Engaged

Another way our programs support families is through direct engagement. In the Stride program in particular, we have regular contact with parents starting in enrollment and going through the school year. Parents are critical partners in weaving the web that will provide the foundation for their child’s academic and personal success.

Families Participate Together

We have seen great results from bringing teens and parents together in our Family Connect program. Spending a day together exploring topics like communication and your shared values helps families create deeper understandings that help avoid struggles, as well as have more options for how to address those struggles when they arise.

Additionally, we offer Restorative Justice Circles to all families as a means of resolving conflicts that are causing ongoing hurt to or within your family. Families do not need to have participated in any of our other programs to be qualified for this.

Parents Participate as Volunteers

Aside from considering your child’s participation, we encourage you to consider your own. Each of our programs includes the participation of adults. In the YELP and Stride programs, the adults are community volunteers. They are modeling lifelong learning simply by participating and embarking on their own journey of discovery alongside the youth. This can be a unique way to gain a deeper understanding about the issues facing our community’s teens, an opportunity that parents tell us can transform the way they parent in the future.

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