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Game Night for Boys

Game Night happens every other Friday night throughout the year when young men gather at the Shift office to share an evening of fun. The favorite game of the participants is the fantasy card game Magic, The Gathering.

Game Night has a dedicated following, with new participants coming all the time. We’re excited to offer a healthy supportive environment for young men seeking fun and connection. Check our Calendar to find upcoming dates.

What If I Don’t Play Magic?

  • Other activities are available, including video games.
  • If you want to learn, but don’t have your own cards, there are always cards to be shared.

Where We Offer Game Night for Boys

Currently, this program is only offered in Livingston at the Shift office.


Who Can Participate

Open to all young men age 14 to 18.


Program Meeting Times

Every other Friday night throughout the year at the Shift office in Livingston.


How to Enroll

Check the Calendar or call us at 222-7879 for upcoming dates. We do not require parental permission, but do ask newcomers to fill out an application and provide emergency contact information.

make a referral

Make a Referral

Know a young adult or a group of them that you’d like to introduce to Game Night for Boys?  Call our office to learn more about upcoming enrollment presentations. We are also happy to meet with individuals and groups.

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