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Family Connect

Family Connect is an intensive one-day program for teens to attend with their parents. It is designed to increase trust, foster dialogue and create a deeper understanding of issues parents and teens face and how these issues impact their relationships with one another.

Family Connect both supports the individual youth and their families, as well as deepening the connection between teens and parents in a community. While we are a youth focused organization, each of our programs includes the participation of adults, who often remark on how transforming the experience was for them. Maximizing the effect of this dynamic by having the adults be the parents can improve the benefits for the family unit.

A core component of Family Connect is the exploration of what motivates individual behavior and building the skills to take personal responsibility and make different choices in the future. By allowing teens and their parents to explore this together, the family leaves the experience with a shared language and understanding that can be referenced into the future.


Where We Offer Family Connect

  • We are currently offering Family Connect in Livingston. Please check the calendar for upcoming program dates.
  • We are open to working with other organizations to bring this program to other communities. Just give us a call!

Who Can Participate

Family Connect is for families of teens aged 13 to 18.

  • Each family is required to have a minimum of one teen and one parent participate for the entire day.
  • If there is more than one teen in the family, we highly recommend they all participate.

Program Meeting Times

The program is held during an evening session, once per week for two weeks.  The next program will be held Wednesdays, September 17th and 23rd, from 5:45 to 9:00.


How to Enroll

Family Connect is offered free of charge. Enrollment is as simple as calling our office by the Friday before the program, 222-7879.

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Make a Referral

Know a young adult or a group of them that you’d like to introduce to Stride? Call our office to learn more about upcoming enrollment presentations. We are also happy to meet with individuals and groups.

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