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Connect is a one day program that builds trust and understanding in a school community through a variety of facilitated interactive activities, specifically tailored to the teen population. Connect works from the premise that while many students have experiences that profoundly affect their social and academic success, they often have not shared these experiences, even with their closest friends, and may be feeling a sense of isolation as a result. Connect addresses this dynamic by using non-invasive techniques that allow participants to identify issues that personally affect them, and notice that others have had similar experiences.

An additional component of Connect is the exploration of what motivates individual behavior and building the skills to make different personal choices in the future. Participants also have the chance to acknowledge times when they have been affected or have affected others through judgmental behaviors and, if desired, bring resolution within the safety of the group.

Key Topics:

  • Healthy connection to peers and school staff
  • Bullying
  • Self-esteem
  • Decision making
  • Resisting peer pressure

What Schools Can Expect:

The Connect curriculum is designed to be adaptive and responsive to school needs. Shift staff spends ample time with school administration, staff and counselors gathering feedback about the issues they are observing and assuring that the school community is prepped for the day.

  • Pre-meetings with the organizing school staff
  • At least one in-person, when distance is not prohibitive
  • Pre-meeting/orientation for teachers
  • Incorporation of school staff input into curriculum
  • Post-program de-brief session
  • Available for on-going support to school team after program completion
  • Copies of participant evaluations
  • Posters created by participant small groups = “What I will do differently after Connect”

Who Pays For It:

The schools that offer Connect either have funds identified in their budget for school programming, or are successful in gathering donations from local organizations, businesses and individuals. Contact our office for more on pricing and strategies for making it happen in your community.


Where We Offer Connect

This program is only offered when we are contracted by individual schools, thus it has no regular meeting times, enrollment etc.


Who Can Participate

The Connect program works best when it includes the whole school community:

  • Students (grades 7 thru 12)
  • Teacher
  • Administrators, Councelors and Support-Staff
  • Community Members

Program Meeting Times

A one day program offered through a school community.

make a referral

Make a Referral

Know a young adult or a group of them that you’d like to introduce to Connect? Call our office to learn more about upcoming enrollment presentations. We are also happy to meet with individuals and groups.

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